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BattleMetrics Premium accounts gain access to advanced features and customization options designed to help you keep track of servers and players.

View the player log for any server. See who connected in the past thirty minutes, who joined last week at midnight, or any time inbetween.

Player flags help you to bookmark, track, and categorize player profiles. Choose a title, icon, and color to help distinguish players.

Well query all of your favorite servers at least once every five minutes. Receive notifications sooner.

Ads help us keep BattleMetrics alive. By subscribing to Premium you support us directly, allowing us to turn Ads off for your account.

Full control over the look and feel of your banners. Clone one of our banners or start from scratch: its up to you. Our banners can make your server information the centerpiece of your website, not an afterthought.Try the banner editor.

Keep tabs on rival players or friends. Find out when your favorite server goes offline or just about anything that happens to a server.

Everything included in Basic, plus:

Text Messaging/SMS Alerts (50/month).

HTML banners that update in real-time.

Detailed player logs for the past three months.

Three months of player session history.

All Related Player and Played With options.

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